January 11, 2007

The meeting was called to order with 40 present.  Comet McNaught was seen by several members; it will only be visible for another day or two. Venus and Saturn will occult with the moon on February 2.  There will be a club star watch at the Flying Field on Friday, 1/19 at dusk. Dave announced that we are setting up a contact list for members to use for impromptu observing. If there is going to be a clear night and someone wants to observe, an email (or phone call) to others on the list can get a group together. A sign-up sheet was available. If anyone is interested, please contact Dave Brown.

On March 3 there will be a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be in progress when the moon rises. We will have a public program and eclipse watch at the Berks County Heritage Center starting at 5:30. The downstairs room of the barn will be open for the talk and to warm up. We will have the program regardless of the weather.

We are planning to have a Messier Marathon on March 16, with a rain date of March 17, at the Flying Field. We will be working out details for refreshments and a warm-up area.

Rosemary Sisco got information from the new Exeter Library about us having our meetings there. Dave is going to visit them. Also, the Flame Room is available on our meeting night at no charge. He was contacted by Mike Feyers from the Museum and a meeting has been set up for next Wednesday, January 17 at 4:00.

It was announced that the Board decided to give two $50 prizes for the Science Fair this year. We hope that this will encourage future entries in astronomy.

I announced that the Night Sky Network will have a teleconference on February 1 with Dr. Mark Showalter, moon and ring specialist at the SETI institute. He will be discussing new discoveries from Cassini, and also other ringed planets in our solar system. An information sheet was available with the call information.

Linda announced she is collecting dues. There is a balance of $$$$ in the treasury. Dave noted that the Board would like to put $$$$ into a CD to earn more interest, as our current account earns almost nothing. Sovereign has a 6-month CD that earns 4.69%, and National Penn has one that earns 4.89%.

The Board is also looking to obtain a wireless amplification system. Bret is checking into some options.

Our speaker for the evening was Ryan Hannahoe about his activities at New Mexico Skies Observatory.

Respectfully submitted

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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