February 8, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 with 22 present.  Dave Brown showed some amazing photos of Comet McNaught taken from Australia. He also noted that he had written a letter to the editor of the Reading Eagle that is to be published regarding global warming.

There was a meeting with the Museum that included Dave Brown, Barb Geigle, Bret Cadmus, Director Ron Roth, Mike Feyers and Mark Mazurkiewicz. They would like us to stay at the Museum and feel there could be more of a partnership between the Museum and the Club. They are looking for several people to learn to run the Planetarium shows to back up Mark. They are also interested in having some workshops with hands-on activities for small family-oriented groups. In return, the $500 annual fee would be reduced or waived. They could also promote our programs on their website, and perhaps have some sort of joint venture when we have major speakers.  We will have another meeting with Mark and Mike in the future. Our donation for the Planetarium Grand Reopening event was recognized as being our payment through the end of 2007.

On March 3 there will be a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be in progress when the moon rises. We will have a public program and eclipse watch at the Berks County Heritage Center starting at 5:30. The downstairs room of the barn will be open for the talk and to warm up. We will have the program regardless of the weather.

Our speaker for the March 8 meeting will be Elizabeth Warner from Goddard, Maryland, on “Observing and Photographing Satellites”.  Member Bruce Dietrich will be our speaker for the April 12 meeting. His program is “On the Edge”. Gene Salvatore will get more details. The Planetarium is having a “2 for 1” night on Friday, February 16. At 7 pm there will be the full-dome star show “Oasis in Space” and at 8 pm there will be a Laser Show featuring the music of Led Zeppelin.  Both shows will be included in the cost for one. On March 21, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman will be giving a lecture entitled “Flying Saucers are Real”, starting at 7 pm in the Museum auditorium.  For details, check the Museum website www.readingpublicmuseum.org.

The Hay Creek Watershed Association requested a speaker for March 21, possibly with observing, for about 20 people. They meet at Joanna Furnace near Morgantown. Ron Kunkel volunteered to do the program.

Dave put together a list with those members who wanted to be included on an “impromptu star watch list”. The purpose of the list is to encourage group star watches. If it is going to be clear and a member wants to go observing, members on the list can be contacted to get together.  If anyone wants to be added to the list, contact Dave Brown.

Treasurer Linda Sensenig reported a balance of $$$$$$ in the treasury; however, this does not include all of the dues. $5,000 of this is going to be put into a CD so we can earn more interest then our savings account earns.

Ron Kunkel noted that he gave a talk for the Hamburg Grange, and will be giving a talk for the Fleetwood Grange on April 20.

Our speaker tonight was new member Lester Baker on grinding mirrors.

Respectfully submitted

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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