April 24, 2003

President Ron Kunkel called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. In attendance were Ron Kunkel, Paul Becker, Linda Sensenig, Barry Shupp, Melody Gardner, Mike Bashore, Michel Ramsey and Barb Geigle.

Old Business: Ron sent the letter to the Berks County Barnstormers with the hold harmless agreement and donation of $100.

Banquet: Mike brought a sample banquet ticket; some minor changes were made and he will print them. He can get 6 tickets per page, and he got 35 sheets of stock free. As Linda won’t be able to collect money for magazine subscriptions and calendars at the banquet, she must receive the money at the September meeting or by mail. This will be brought up at general meetings. Ron will write an invitation to other clubs and send it to Barb for mailing. Ticket money should be sent to Linda, who will mail tickets. Linda will check with Chef Alan’s to see if they have a cordless microphone, and to get an appetizer menu. If enough tickets are sold we may have them. Ron and Ryan are going to order Dobson’s tickets on Saturday.

Barb has both pairs of binoculars (one pair had been defective and had to be exchanged). Paul will sell tickets at both the May 9 starwatch and May 15 lunar eclipse watch at the Heritage Center. The raffle will be held on the 15th at 10 p.m. Barb will contact the Reading Eagle to put a notice in the Weekender for both events.

Mike noted that he had an extra book left from the Science Fair, which he gave to Ron to use as a giveaway.

The Board hasn’t had a chance to try out the Cave telescopes. Paul will bring the Unitron to the Heritage Center to try. The decision to purchase a trailer is on hold.

New Business: Ron showed the new projector. He had tried to run it on his battery with his 300-watt inverter, but it wouldn’t work. He is going to try Dave’s 400-watt inverter. The Board approved a motion to purchase an inverter to allow the projector to be more useful. It was noted that a screen is not needed as a sheet, blanket or side of a vehicle can be used.

Ron noted that we received a donation from the Cub Scouts at St. Ignacius. Earth Day is Sunday, Paul is getting tables; he and Ron will be at the park at 9 am. Dave will give a talk for the Lunar Eclipse Watch. He and Mike will try to find animation on the Internet to show. Volunteers are needed for the starwatch at Blue Ball Elementary on May 23 (rain date May 24). There will be 2 talks (for different age groups) and observing at Camp Wood Haven on June 6 (rd 7). Penn Laurel on July 21 is a talk only. Melody has received no response yet from Blue Marsh or Cumru. Dave noted there won’t be any talks at Nolde this year, but he is talking with French Creek for a Mars program, and also the Bernville Library. Linda will email Tom Boussom about Hawk Mountain.

Mike stated he could get 11x17 paper for the Pegasus for $30 per case. Michel gave a report on the Pleiades observing project. She also reported on a meteor-observing program from ALPO. She will coordinate this. Barb suggested that we have a Beginner’s Night.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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