June 25, 2003

President Ron Kunkel called the meeting to order at 7:18 p.m. In attendance were Ron Kunkel, Paul Becker, Linda Sensenig, Barry Shupp, Melody Gardner, and Barb Geigle. There was no secretary’s report as Barb was ill and missed the May Board Meeting. Linda reported a balance of $7,321 after sending $300 to Ron for the Sunspotter Scope. She has to send $269 to the League for dues. She gave a copy of the updated club member and e-mail list to Ron. There are three members on the list who have not renewed yet. There are 74 members.

Old Business: Ron ordered the Sunspotter Scope on June 25 from Edmunds Scientific. It was $300 with free shipping. Linda has the banquet tickets and will mail them out in September to those who have paid. Ron has not ordered Mr. Dobson’s airline tickets yet. He did confirm with Dave Brown that John will be staying with him. He arrives Monday, October 13. He will be with LVAAS on Tuesday, ASH on Wednesday, Pete Detterline at Kutztown on Thursday, our star party on Friday, our Banquet on Saturday, and will go home on Sunday.

New Business: Melody announced she has plenty of material for the next issue of Pegasus, specially on Mars. Ron and Ryan cleaned one of the Cave telescopes and installed the finder that Ron had picked up at NEAF. Due to weather (what else!) we haven’t had a chance to try it out. Speakers for our July member’s night program include Tom Boussom on cosmology, Ryan Hannahoe (or Ron) on the club telescopes, and Barry Shupp and Michel Ramsey on meteor observing. August 9 will be our club picnic at Dave Brown’s farm at 5:00. Ted Nichols will speak on the Pluto mission in September, our banquet is in October, November will be JPL’s Terry Huntsberger on NASA’s Mars Mission, and December will be our Holiday Party and elections. As Keith Minnich is sponsoring Terry Huntsberger’s visit, he will be given a life membership at the banquet.

Star Parties and Talks: There will be a solar watch and talk at the Mulberry Preschool on July 2 at 1:30. Ron, Bret, Barb and Paul will be there. Ron will give a talk for the girl scouts at Penn Laurel Camp on July 21. There is a talk and star party at Umbenhauer Park on August 1 (Ron will confirm the time with Dave Brown and that Dave will be giving a talk). August 15 (rd 16) and September 12 will be the Mars Watches at the Berks Heritage Center. Ron will check with Dave about who will be giving the talk. August 23 is the star party at Hawk Mountain, the Black Forest Star Party is August 29-31 at Cherry Springs, and Megameet is September 26-37 at Pulpit Rock. Melody already sent information to Mike Bashore.

Barry suggested setting up a meteor watch for the League’s Meteor Observing Certificate, but the August Perseid shower that is August 11-14 will probably be washed out by the August 12 full moon. We will have a Beginner’s Night at the Flying Field on July 25 (r.d. 7/26) at 7:00. The Cave and Unitron scopes will be brought.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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