July 12, 2007

Dave Brown called the meeting to order with 15 in attendance. July 16 is the 13th anniversary of Comet Shoemaker-Levy’s crashing into Jupiter.

Upcoming events:

July 11 through 15 – Mason Dixon Star Party is in progress.

July 20 – Club Star watch at Deerfoot Farm

July 21 – Public Star Party at Blue Marsh Dry Brooks Day Use Area with talk by Ron Kunkel starting at 7 pm. Rain/cloud date is July 28

August 11 – Saturday at 5 pm – annual picnic at Dave Brown’s Deerfoot Farm (no meeting at the Museum this month).  This is also the start of the Perseid meteor shower. Bring a dish.

Venus is at is greatest brightness (-4.4 magnitude) now.

There will be a Night Sky Network Teleconference on July 18 at 9 pm. The topic is “The Dawn Mission: Exploring the Asteroid Frontier”, presented by Dr. Lucy McFadden.

Linda Sensenig reported a balance of $$$$. $$$$ has been placed in a CD. League dues and liability insurance have been paid.  Orders for the Astronomy wall calendar are now being taken. The price is $6.50. Contact Linda with your order. You can pay now or when the calendars arrive. If you want your calendar mailed to you, mailing cost is extra.

Dave and the other Planetarium volunteers are still trying to schedule training with the Museum.

Our speaker tonight was Ron Kunkel, with an updated talk on the Milky Way.

Respectfully submitted

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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