December 11, 2003

The meeting was called to order by Ron Kunkel at 7:30 with 27 in attendance. Secretary Barb Geigle had the Minutes from the November General Meeting available on a handout.  Treasurer Linda Sensenig reported a balance of $6,883.99.  October’s Anniversary Banquet resulted in a loss of $623, but it was well worth it.  She reminded us that dues are due in January.

Sky Report:  Ron reported that there will be a comet in mid-January, and the Geminid meteor shower. Barb noted that Saturn will be at opposition on New Year’s Eve. Barry brought his photos of the Lunar Eclipse that he took at the Heritage Center.

Old Business: The Leonid Meteor Watch was cancelled (due to weather, of course!) Matt Gustiantino, our DJ for the banquet, donated audio CD’s of John Dobson’s talk at the banquet and also when he spoke at LVAAS. Bill Eyrich brought photos of the banquet and John Dobson’s talk at the Heritage Center.

Upcoming Events and New Business:  Saturday is the deadline for submissions for Pegasus.  There will be a Board Meeting at Barb Geigle’s house on December 18 at 7:00. Our speaker for the January 8 meeting will be Matt Binder, who is the son of an LVAAS member, and a science teacher in Lancaster County. He is one of the finalists as a candidate for the next teacher in space, and will discuss his experiences in the process.

Michel Ramsey requested our assistance again for the annual Winter Observing Program. The International Dark Sky Association is requesting observations of the Pleiades during February and March. Michel has some forms, and they will be sent with the next Pegasus.  She also noted that the Astronomical League has a Certificate Program for meteor observing and has forms available for those wishing to start with the Geminid Meteor Shower this week.

Ron reported that he received a PowerPoint Presentation about Cherry Springs State Park, and he has some of their patches for sale. Linda noted that she received a notice of a Meade EXT 125 Telescope that is for sale. She has the details. Dave Brown has a copy of Dobson’s new book.

Special Presentations:  Dave Brown gave out his “Too” awards. Recipients were Dan Davidson for Too much talent, Barb Geigle and Bret Cadmus for Too many toys, and Ron Kunkel for Too much rain during his administration. Ron then recognized some members for their efforts: Melody Gardner won the BCAAS Phone System award for dealing with all the phone problems she has had, Paul Becker received the Silent Hero Award for hauling all the tables and handouts to public events, Ryan Hannahoe was awarded the First BCAAS Honorary Football Scholarship, Barb Geigle received a homemade Gateway Notebook manual that “is useless for determining how to redirect the video output”, and Dave Brown won the Patient Hero Award for hosting John Dobson during his stay in Berks County.

Election of Officers was held with the following results: President – Ron Kunkel, Vice President – Ryan Hannahoe (by 2 votes), Treasurer – Linda Sensenig, and Secretary – Barb Geigle.

After a short break, Barb showed the BCAAS videos from the banquet program, and then everyone feasted on a terrific selection of delicious foods.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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