December 18, 2003

President Ron Kunkel called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. In attendance were Ron Kunkel, Linda Sensenig, Barry Shupp, Melody Gardner, Ryan Hannahoe, Michel Ramsey and Barb Geigle. Ron discussed two free software programs that he found on the Internet, “Celestia” and “Solar System Simulator”.

 Treasurer’s Report: Linda reported that the banquet generated an income of $1,689.28, and had expenses of $2,312.47, resulting in a loss of $623.19.  The expenses for our November speaker, Terry Huntsberger, amounted to $359.  Keith Minnich paid $500, and the balance of $141 is to be dedicated for education.  The current balance in the bank is $7,325.  Barb noted that she had purchased 4 books at Ollie’s that she is donating for giveaways.  The “Glow in the Dark Book of Space” is appropriate for elementary school age children.  She also reminded the Board that she has Software Bisque’s “The Sky Student Edition” Software that she is donating for a giveaway also.

Old Business:  Regarding the two 8” Cave  and  4” Unitron telescopes, Ryan and Ron will contact people who were previously interested in purchasing them. Barb will send the specs out to the local clubs. We will keep one of the Cave Astrolas for now.  Discussion regarding the purchase of a trailer has been tabled.

New Business: 

Committee Assignments – Program Chair is Ryan Hannahoe, Web Master is Mike Bashore, Pegasus Editor is Melody Gardner, Event Coordinator is Melody Gardner, Paul Becker is the Hot Line Coordinator, and Barry Shupp is Publicity Coordinator.  Barb suggested sending letters to school districts volunteering our services.

Monthly Meeting Programs/Speakers – Matt Binder will be our speaker for January. Ron volunteered to do a program on Celestia if needed. Keith Minnich will pay for two speakers this year related to exploration of our solar system. Numerous topics and speakers were suggested. Ryan will start making contact.

Schedule of Events – The Great Outdoor Expo will be a RACC this year. They want $50 to participate and would like a speaker. Ron will contact Janice Reich to see if they will waive the fee if we provide a speaker.  Mike Bashore and Ryan Hannahoe will handle the Science Fair.  Prizes are needed.  April 16-18 is the ASH Star Party.  NEAF is also that weekend, April 17-18. The date needs to be verified for Earth Day. Two comets should be visible in May. Ron will verify their visibility and let Melody know so she can schedule an event for the Heritage Center or Blue Marsh, possibly May 15.  September will be LVAAS’s Megameet, but it will probably be changed as their date falls the same weekend as the Black Forest Star Party. Barb mentioned that the Mason-Dixon Star Party in May will be 5 days/4 nights this year.

Astronomical League membership – Ron reported that the League is increasing dues from $3.50 to $5.00 per person. He noted that Ted Nichols, from ASH, has proposed setting up a local co-op, as several of the local clubs probably won’t be renewing their memberships in the League. It would have an annual fee of $50 per club.  It was decided that we would stay in the League, as we have our insurance through them.  We could also join the co-op, as it would not require us to leave the League.

NASA’s Night Sky Network.  Michel Ramsey explained the Night Sky Network. This is a program that will assist clubs with public outreach. It was decided that we would apply, with Michel as the primary coordinator, and Barb as the backup.

Ron also noted that we should organize our programs onto CD’s so that any club member could use them.  Barb volunteered to organize all of the old materials and scan the old Pegasus’ issues to burn them onto CD.

 Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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