February 16, 2004

President Ron Kunkel called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Ron Kunkel, Linda Sensenig, Melody Gardner, Ryan Hannahoe, Michel Ramsey, Mike Bashore and Barb Geigle.

Treasurer’s Report: Linda reported a balance of $*****, and handed out a report of our financial status for 2003.

Old Business:  Arrangements for Dr. Lebofsky’s visit in March were reviewed. Total expenses will be approximately $1300.  Melody noted that her computer is down, but she may be able to use her mother’s to get the Pegasus ready.  Ryan, Mike and Melody will be judging the Science Fair. Mike got 6 books, and he will print Certificates. Ryan will get plaques and present the awards.  The Great Outdoor Expo will be March 28 at RACC. Ron will give a talk. Earth Day is April 25 – Ron will contact the Space Telescope Institute for Hubble Pictures.  Night Sky Network – Michel hasn’t received the first kit yet, which is due to be shipped early in March. She and Barb will put together a short program for the club.  We are going to sell the Unitron telescope and one of the Caves. Ron is going to see if he has the old emails from people who had been interested in the scopes, and Ryan will talk to Ted Nichols at ASH.  If necessary, Ron will send the specs and photos to Barb to send to all of the local clubs.  It was decided that we will table discussion of the purchase of a trailer.  Linda noted that the check for John Dobson’s fee never cleared, so she called his assistant, Donna. As Donna said she never received the check, Linda will send a replacement.

 New Business:  Ron and Ryan will attend an Officer’s Retreat sponsored by MERAL March 19-21 at the Green Bank Radio Observatory. The purpose of the retreat is to share ideas about improving astronomy clubs.  Ron and Mike will be attending the PA Astronomy Co-Op meeting in Lewisberry on April 3.  Ryan announced that Brian Lula will be our speaker for November, and we will have Ruth Daley in October or September.

 We will have a club star watch at the Heritage Center on March 12 (rd 13) and a Messier Marathon on March 19 (rd 20). Ron will contact Dave Brown to see if we can have it at his farm. We will also have a club star watch at the Flying Field on April 9 (rd 10). Linda will email Tom Boussom about a star watch at Hawk Mountain. For the March 18 meeting, Barb will make cookies, and Michel will pick up coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Ryan will contact Inge Heyer to arrange her to speak in May or September.  The next Board Meeting will be April 22 at 7:30 at Barb’s house.

 Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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