July 10, 2003

The meeting was called to order by President Ron Kunkel at 7:35 PM. There were 19 attendees. Secretary Barb Geigle noted that there are no outstanding issues from the last meeting and that copies of the General Meeting Minutes were available with the agenda. Treasurer Linda Sensenig reported a balance of $7,065.84. She is now collecting money for magazine renewals and calendars. The calendar is “deep sky mysteries” and is $6.00, and she will have them for the November meeting. “Sky and Telescope” subscriptions that renew in 2004 have a price increase. Linda has a list of members whose renewals will go up.

Sky Report: Ron advised that Mars, Uranus and Neptune are rising early in the morning, and that the sun has a lot of activity with large sunspot groups.

Old Business: There was a Board meeting on June 26. Ron and Bret had a solar viewing program at the Mulberry Preschool for about 45 children, and got to try out the club’s new sunspotter scope. Ron and Ryan had gone to Cherry Springs with some members of LVAAS, but came home early due to weather.

Upcoming Events and New Business: On July 21, Ron will be talking at the Penn Laurel Girl Scout Camp and at PSU Science Camp. There will be a Board meeting at Paul Becker’s home on July 24 at 7:00. On Friday, July 25 (rain date July 26) there will be a Beginner’s Night at the Flying Field. All members are welcome to attend. Dave Brown will be speaking at Umbenhauer Park in Bernville on Friday, August 1 (rain date Sat.) at 7:30, with a star watch following the talk. Members are requested to being telescopes. Please note that the club’s annual picnic at Dave Brown’s farm has been changed to Friday, August 8 at 5:00. A Mars Watch will be held at the Berks County Heritage Center on August 15 (rd. 8/16).  There will also be a Star Party and Mars Watch at Hawk Mountain on August 23 at 8:00. As a reminder, the Black Forest Star Party is August 29, 30, and 31 at Cherry Springs State Park. The park is being upgraded to encourage astronomy.

There was no Gadget of the Month talk, but a volunteer is needed for November. Tim Siminski offered to talk about his image stabilized binoculars in September.

The Member’s Night Programs included Tom Boussom giving a brief history of Cosmology, Barry Shupp (and Michel Ramsey) discussing the Astronomical League’s new Meteor Observing Certificate, and Ron Kunkel (and Ryan Hannahoe) presenting the Telescopes of BCAAS.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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