November 13, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Dave Brown with 12 in attendance.  Dave noted that the Leonid Meteor shower peaks the night of November 17. On Monday, December 1, Jupiter and Venus will be near the moon.

We will have a club star watch at the Flying Field on Saturday, November 22, at 7 pm.

Dave Brown and Barb Geigle met with Ron Roth, Mark Mazurkiewicz and Anne Corso of the Museum to discuss having some joint programs next year. We are planning 3 programs, in April, July and October. These will be held on Friday nights, instead of our regular Thursday nights, as the museum is open on Friday night. We are looking into corporate sponsors for advertising. Our first program will be given by members about astronomy in Berks County, including astrophotography. Keith Minnich will look into arranging a speaker for October. It was also noted that the Planetarium can insert our astrophotos into their programs.

Barb Geigle reported that there will be a Night Sky Network teleconference on Tuesday, November 18 at 9 pm. The speaker will be Sue Ann Heatherly of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. She will discuss space exploration through radio waves by showing how to make an “itty bitty radio telescope”.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Barb.

The “Year in Space” desktop calendars came in.  Barb will have them at the December meeting for those who ordered them from her.

An extra-solar has been imaged in visible light, orbiting the star Fomalhaut, by Hubble.  Three extra-solar planets were imaged in near infrared orbiting another star.

The treasury has a balance of $$$$, as reported by Linda Sensenig.  The CD was renewed at the same rate as before.

Nominations for officers are still open.  Lane Davis has been nominated for the position of Secretary. Previous nominees include Barb Geigle for President, Dave Brown for Vice President and Linda Sensenig for Treasurer.  We would like to get some additional nominees.  We also need a Program Chair for next year.

Dan Brown is working with Melody Gardner on a new website. Lane Davis volunteered to help.

Our December meeting is our election of officers and the Holiday party. We will also be celebrating the club’s 35th anniversary.  The club will be providing food.  We are looking for photos from past events to display; contact Barb or Dave if you have any to share.  Dave will be sending a letter to all members this weekend.

Our speaker tonight was Lester Baker, on telescope making.  He displayed his 13.5” DOB that he made.

Respectfully submitted

Barbara Geigle, Secretary


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